What you need to know to sleep comfortably in hammock

Unfortunately, hammock is not a very valuable equipment in our country. It was not thought that it could be used as a camping tent in the camps because it was thought to be a pleasure vehicle. But let’s not be right, the use of camping hammocks has also become widespread in recent years, albeit with a slow momentum. It is a known fact that swinging in a hammock has benefits today. But these benefits only apply to a properly set up comfortable hammock. This is exactly why I have compiled everything you need to know to sleep comfortably in the hammock. But first of all, it is useful to understand that, since the body structure of each of us is different and the way we enjoy life is unique, the answer to the question of how we can relax in the hammock is based on our own experience. In other words, this business has no definite rules. So in this article, I will talk about the mistakes made while installing more hammocks and how the most comfortable installation should be.

Choosing the right hammock is very important for comfortable sleeping in hammock

As with everything, it is extremely important to choose the right material here. Therefore, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of choosing the right hammock when sleeping is comfortable. Your hammock must be a hammock designed with quality materials and designed to sleep. If you do not know what to pay attention to choose the right hammock, you can take a look at the What to Consider When Choosing Hammock.

Errors when connecting the hammock

If you use a hammock like Ticket To The Moon hammock, which I love and use as a hammock and a perlon connection similar to the one I use, it is not really possible to make a mistake. Because you can set up your hammock in a short time like a minute thanks to practical connections, without having to tie a knot while tying the hammock. If you do not like the comfort of sitting, you can easily relax and stretch using the rings in the perlons. So there is not much you can do wrong from professional hammocks. Comfortable sleep in hammock The things that you should pay attention to are gaining great importance in other hammocks.

Ground clearance

When setting up your hammock, it is worth paying attention that the height of the hammock is at least 40 cm in height with the load. Thus, while swinging, there is no possibility of hammock rubbing on the ground, as well as damaging the material with stones, thorns and similar objects. At the same time, if you do not want to be disturbed by animals while sleeping at night, you can install your hammock at a height where you can easily get out but the animals cannot reach.

Adjusting the hammock tension correctly

Adjusting the tension of the hammock correctly sleeping in a hammock Another element of what needs to be done for. It is actually your body that will decide whether the hammock tension is correct. However, we know that there are some limits to your body’s comfort. So you can guess the comfort of the hammock without trying. When your hammock is set up, a hammock that stays more flat than it should be shouldn’t be too curved, and it will prevent you from sleeping comfortably. Even if you do not see much effect in short-term use, it is highly possible to wake up in the morning in a hammock where you sleep with a serious back and neck pain.

If you install the hammock looser than it should be, you may find yourself falling into a pointless yoga position. As your legs stay in the air more than necessary, your head and neck cannot be comfortable either. Nevertheless, it is always better to install the hammock loose than to tense it too tightly. Because if you sit on a hammock that has been set up more than it should be, you will feel that especially the middle part of the hammock is putting unnecessary pressure on your body. However, as soon as you go to the hammock, the left and right walls of the hammock will be overstretched, leaving you wrapped around on both sides. As long as you do not press down with your hands, they remain so. Equally, the internal area of ​​your hammock becomes narrow.

What is the correct hammock angle?

When you install your hammock at the right angle, the middle remains the most stretched part, while the ends remain loose. When you lie on the hammock, you will not feel any extra pressure anywhere on your body. The side walls of the hammock have not been overstretched. You can easily combine your arms under your head. The side walls of the hammock stretch to make your arms feel comfortable, you do not need to apply extra force.

Is it possible to lie flat in the hammock?

You may think that it is not possible to lie flat in the hammock, which, by its nature, has a curved structure. But your opinion is not entirely correct. If you are wondering how to lay flat in the hammock, try to visualize it while reading the writings. First of all, we lie in the middle of the hammock we set up correctly, as usual. Then we slide our feet about 20-30 cm towards one side of the hammock. When we do the same thing with our upper body in the opposite direction, that is, when we actually lie diagonally in the hammock, we get a flat position. It is that simple to lie flat in a hammock.

When you choose the right hammock and install it correctly, you can be sure that you will sleep one of the most beautiful sleeps in the world. Once I enjoy the pleasure of sleeping in the open air, I can also argue that you will not want to sleep in closed areas. You can consider using tarp and mosquito net to increase your comfort. I wish you a pleasant sleep already.

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