What you need to do to sleep comfortably in the camp

No matter what the camp is for, it can also tire the body while providing head comfort. Even if you do nothing, you move more than you normally do when setting up your tent, inflating your inflatable mat, arranging your campsite or breaking wood, and therefore more effort than usual. When fresh air is added to the work, getting tired is inevitable. Whether you are tired of being spoiled while you are organizing your camping area or returned from a nature activity, it is quite normal that you want to have a comfortable sleep when you enter the tent. That’s why comfortable sleep in the camp Before we talk about this, let’s take a look at our equipment that will allow us to have a comfortable night.

Which equipment should we buy to sleep comfortably in the camp?

Of course, our camping equipment is one of the things that we need to pay attention to sleep comfortably in the camp. Perhaps the most important factor determining the quality of our sleep is the correctness of our camping equipment for us.

Make sure you find the right mat

There is a right proportion between sleeping in the camp and your camping mat. The better your camp mat is, the more likely you are to sleep comfortably. If you are accustomed to the comfort of your home, I recommend choosing an inflatable mat when choosing your camping mat. Apart from the inflatable mat, the other material you can catch the feeling of bedding is camps. When you use both inflatable mats and camping mats with a sponge mat underneath, you get a very efficient insulation. If you like hard floors, you can also choose a sponge mat. Using more than one sponge mat in cold weather would be a logical choice.

If you are using inflatable mat, open your mat as you set up your tent. Thus, since it stays in the small carrying bag for a long time, the trapped air gaps will be restored and prevent you from decreasing the insulation performance.

Love your sleeping bag, take care of it

As I always say, sleeping bag is one of the most important materials of the camps. We do not want a sleeping bag that causes you to sweat as well as a sleeping bag that causes you to chill. So make sure that you choose your sleeping bag according to the characteristics of the camp and your body structure. For detailed information, you can read the article about choosing the right sleeping bag.

Keep your ingredients dry

You can appreciate that your materials are dry during the night is a must for a comfortable sleep. Therefore, protect your materials from drips that may occur especially in the tent. Therefore, always keep your tent vents open while sleeping at night.

Suggestions for Comfortable Sleeping in the Camp

Do whatever it takes to stay warm

Nothing is as important as sleeping at a reasonable temperature for a comfortable night’s sleep. I know that you don’t want to wake up by vibrating in the best part of your sleep. Staying warm is of vital importance, especially in winter camps. You can check out my suggestions to stay warm in the tent in winter camps.

Can you eat what you eat?

I answer: Yes. Having your last meal fatty before bedtime will help keep you warm during the night. Because your body produces more heat when trying to burn these fatty foods.

Don’t sweat into your sleeping bag

I said that a successful camping sleep would be dry. The possible wetnesses we are talking about here are not just the ones that can come from outside. When you want to sleep after a long walk or any other activity, do not go into the sweaty sleeping bag. If possible, change your clothes and enter the sleeping bag as such. Otherwise, you may have to sleep with a wet feeling due to the moisture emitted by your clothes trying to dry with your body temperature.

For warm things instead of hot things

If you think it is best to drink something to warm up before going to sleep, use your right to warm things instead of hot things. Because hot drinks can cause you to sweat.

Keep other creatures away from yourself – especially those with wings –

Some of the things that can be frustrating while you sleep are our little friends who constantly buzz around you or cause itching by walking around you. If you want to sleep comfortably in the camp, choose the camping place where you set up your tent carefully. Especially in areas close to puddles, stay away from marshy areas around. Choose your cosmetic needs such as deodorant, cream, odorless. Such fragrances act as magnets, especially for our flying friends. Flies don’t particularly like the smells of things like sage and rosemary. You can try to keep the flies around by throwing a piece of these herbs on your campfire.

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