What materials do we need for Pilates at the beginning?

Pilates, which is among the most effective sports branches of today, helps you to live a healthy, fit and fit life while eliminating the negative effects of city life on the human body. The positive effects of the Pilates exercise method in a short time allow more people to turn to this sport day by day. But do you know what ingredients you will need when starting pilates and what these products will do? Here are the pilates materials you will need when you step into the pilates and all the details …

Must-Have: Pilates Ball

Pilates ball is no doubt the first equipment you will need when starting pilates. The pilates ball, which allows you to perform many movements that add variety to your pilates program, helps your body increase its resistance and gain a tighter form with its flexibility and power. The pilates ball, which also contributes to the treatment of muscle and joint pain and thus allows you to display a steeper and confident posture, is produced in different diameters such as 45, 65, 75 and 90 centimeters for different body types.

When you start pilates, obtaining a durable ball suitable for your own body type and a mini pump that will help you inflate your ball whenever you want means that you have taken your first step safely. You can choose your pilates ball, which is produced with different color options, in the tone that best suits your style and you can ensure that your favorite colors accompany you during sports.

Get Flexible with Pilates Ropes and Tapes

Pilates ropes and tapes are in the second row of the pilates equipment that you must acquire at the beginning level. Pilates rope and pilates tape, which allows you to easily perform different stretching and stretching movements, also allows you to increase your fitness with jumping and jumping movements.

Circular pilates bands produced in lengths of 25 to 30 centimeters help movements such as Standing Leg Abduction and Standing Harmstring Curls, where you can strengthen your leg muscles; Open-ended tapes produced in the dimensions of 120 to 150 centimeters help you to do all the movements performed in the equipment in the fitness centers with your own means. The ropes you can find in the Pilates sets can also be used as jump ropes, allowing you to maximize your metabolic rate and body coordination.

Stay Safe with the Pilates Mat

Pilates mat must be included among the materials you should acquire when starting pilates. Pilates mats, designed to protect your back, shoulder muscles, waist and hips during all movements on the ground, support you with their soft and sports-friendly tissues and reduce the risk of disability.

Pilates mats, which should be at least 4 to 10 millimeters thick to support your spine correctly, prevent slippage thanks to strong ground grips and eliminate the risk of loss of control during difficult movements. In this way, pilates mats, which offer a very safe and comfortable sports opportunity, do not neglect to complement your sporty style and adapt to your taste with different color options.

Increase Your Strength With The Pilates Circle

Pilates circles are also among the equipment you must acquire at the beginner level. Designed with an average diameter of 35 centimeters, pilates circles are produced to strengthen and coordinate your whole body muscle groups.

Thanks to various movements, pilates circles that strengthen your arm, shoulder, leg, waist and hip muscles also help you to display an extremely tight and fit look. You can also do fat burning and cardio movements with Pilates circles, and apply rehabilitation movements to your disability areas. You can use your pilates circle with the pilates ball and band, and you will have a very healthy and extremely impressive body in a short time.

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