What is Gymweight? What types of exercises can be done with Gymweight?

The purpose of doing sports training is to
It is increased. To develop these two qualities, muscles
it must be operated using the right equipment within the program.
Gymweight designs effectively and regularly
helps you tighten. Designed using quality materials
By training with Xyrat brand Gymweight varieties,
you can reach it in less time. Well as quite practical sports equipment
What do you need to know more about the outstanding Gymweight designs?
The lesson?

What is Gymweight?

Gymweight is a sports equipment with certain weights that can be worn on the wrists and ankles. Gymweight types that you can use while doing sports at home, gymnasiums and outdoor areas attract attention with their useful structures. You can work out your muscles more efficiently with Xyrat brand Gymweight weights that you will wear on your wrists and ankles during workouts. Another remarkable feature of Gymweight models is that they have an adjustable design. Velcro straps on the gymweight wrist weights ensure the equipment fits snugly on the hand or ankle. Also, since these sports equipment with portable structure will occupy very little space in your sports bag, you can easily take it anywhere you want.

Gymweight Types

Gymweight types; varies according to the weight, size, color, type of attachment and material used. Gymweight designs in the Xyrat product range range from 0.5 kilograms to 2 kilograms. The weight gained to the products is obtained with a mixture of iron and sand in the lining section. The main fabric of Xyrat brand wrist weights, which is produced using high quality materials, is 100% neoprene and the outer fabric is 100% polyester. Hand and ankle weights that perform for a long time are also appreciated by users with their vibrant color designs. In this way, you can show that Xyrat does not give up its style even when you are doing sports with the product you like among the wrist weights.

What Kind of Gymweight
Exercises Can Be Done?

With its functional designs, it is appreciated by sports enthusiasts.
Many exercises that you normally do with gymweight
you can use it during. Thus, the arm with different combinations of movements,
shoulder, abdomen, chest, back, hip and leg muscles with this practical sports equipment
you can run more efficiently. A consciously prepared sports program
by tightening your lower and upper body with the fit look you dreamed of
You can reach. So using Gymweight at home, in the gym or outdoor
exercise examples that you can easily apply in areas
Let’s examine.

  • Squat and Open Arms

Your feet are shoulder-width wide for the start of the movement,
Take a starting position with your hands on the sides. Then for the squat
Weigh your knees down while your hips are lowered
Raise the arms of the elbows with a broken upward. Later
verify and return to the starting position. This is what you do using gymweight
With the movement, you can work both the hip and shoulder muscles at the same time.

  • Squat and Toeside

In this exercise with gymweight, weights are
you should wear the bracelets. Taking the starting position to start the movement
then lower the buttocks and start the squat movement. Finishing the squatting movement
when it is fully lifted, lift your right foot off the ground and open it sideways.
Continue to squat behind him and this time on the second take off his left foot
Open it sideways by lifting it off the ground. In this way, both the hip and upper leg muscles
you run it effectively.

Kicking back, one of the effective hip movements
doing the movement, wearing the Gymweight equipment on the ankles
you can use. Put your knees and hands on the ground to start the movement. More
then keeping your body as steady as possible, one leg back and up
lift like kicking. When you do the movement, the sole of your foot will point up. More
then lower your leg to return to the starting position and move the other leg
Repeat with.

You can use the Gymweight variants while doing the lunge movement, which is very simple to apply. To start the movement, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, with your weight-attached hands parallel to the ground. Then lift one of your legs off the ground with your waist and body upright and take a wide step forward. Press the hip downwards by breaking both knees, without moving the remaining leg. Then return to the starting position and repeat the movement with the other leg forward.

When Using Gymweight
Things to pay attention

When choosing between gymweight designs, you should consider the exercises to use the material and your fitness level. In this way, you have the opportunity to train more efficiently by using the right weight with the movement that runs the target region. Before you start exercising with Gyweight, you must fully seat the equipment on the hand or ankle. So you can complete the movements you do during your training without distraction and interruption. You should also pay attention to some issues while maintaining your wrist weights. You should never wash your wrist weights in a washing machine.

After using the equipment, simply wipe the outer surface with a slightly damp cloth. You should also avoid storing it in humid environments and open areas to prevent the iron dust from rusting in the sports material. In this way, you can use the equipment you purchased for a long time.

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