What are the exercises that can be done with Pilates Ball at home?

Pilates ball is a sports equipment that helps you to diversify and make your movements more enjoyable during fitness and cardio training. You can do many different exercises and exercise different muscle groups effectively by using the pilates ball, especially during your training with limited materials at home. Here are the effective movements that you can practice using a pilates ball at home …

Bridge Movement

Bridge movement is among the movements that you can easily perform in the home environment with the pilates ball. With this exercise, you can work out the abdominal and hip muscles. To start the bridge movement with the Pilates ball, lay your back on the mat and put your hands to the sides. Then place your feet on the pilates ball and lift your hip to form a bridge position. Wait for 3 seconds after taking position and return to the starting position. With the Pilates ball, you can do the bridge movement at least 12 times.

Shuttle with Pilates Ball

The shuttle movement with the Pilates ball is an exercise that effectively works the abdominal muscles. Lie down on your back to start the movement and place the pilates ball between your legs. While lifting your pilates ball without breaking your knees, start lifting your body at the same time. Then take the ball between your hands and legs and return to your supine position in a controlled manner. Then lift your body with the pilates ball in your hands, place the ball between your legs this time and slowly return to the starting position. Replace the ball between your hands and legs for 10-12 reps.

Squat with Pilates Ball

Another exercise you can do with a pilates ball at home is squat movement. To start the squat movement with the pilates ball, position your legs wide open in your hips and the pilates ball between your hands. Then lift the pilates ball over your head and hold your arms close to your ears. Then slowly lower your hips to the ground and start crouching. Make sure your pain is on your heels and keep your arms in position. After waiting a few seconds in the position where the knees are at 90 degrees, get back to the starting position and lower your arms. While training at home, you can perform the squat movement between 12 and 15 repetitions with the pilates ball.

Push-ups with Pilates Ball

Another exercise that you can do using a pilates ball is push-up exercise. During the movement, you can operate the shoulder and triceps muscles, and secondary and chest and abdominal muscles. To start the movement, position the pilates ball under your calves and your hands on the ground. Then, while your abdominal muscles are tight, bend your elbows and lower your chest towards the ground. Wait for 3 seconds at the point where your head is closest to the ground. Then, lift your body up by pushing the ground with your hands and return to the starting position. If you are trying the push-ups with the Pilates ball for the first time, you can do the exercise 5 times. As you gain condition over time, you can easily increase the number of repetitions up to 15.

What are the movements performed with the Pilates Ball?

Pilates ball helps you to diversify many exercises normally applied with body weight. At the same time, the movements with the pilates ball also contribute to your self-improvement in balance. The exercises you do with the Pilates ball work your muscles harder and get you better results than normal exercises. In addition, exercises with a pilates ball help you improve your coordination ability. However, since the pilates ball is a non-stationary sports equipment, it also activates different muscle groups during movements.

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