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Warm-up movements should not be neglected before activities such as exercise, sports or fitness. Warm-up movements not only prepare you for training, but also allow you to get more efficiency during training. Also, if you start exercising without doing warm-up and stretching movements; Contractions and unwanted injuries may occur as a result of sudden movements. Thanks to the basic warm-up movements, you can also do sports safely and be protected from negativity.

What are Warm Up Movements?

What are Warm Up Movements

Warm-up movements ensure that the body is prepared for the movements before starting sports activities, and the tissues and muscles are heated and elasticized. It also means being prepared for doing sports movements, which helps your body get warmer and work with better performance. Because the muscles in the body are cold before doing warm-up movements. For this reason, starting sports without doing warm-up movements causes great negativities. Therefore, it also helps to take measures against the risks of injury while doing warm-up movements.

What are Warm Up Movements?

What are the warming movements?

What are warm-up movements, the question is actually a very narrow question when all exercise movements are examined. Because there is a lower and upper limit to which every movement is beneficial. There are a wide variety of warm-up movements to work your target area. Therefore, you can reach the desired results by making warm-up movements suitable for the region you want within these limits. There are many movements that can be counted as warm-up movements. But the trick here is which action will be taken before starting which sport. For example, if you are going to run; you can warm up by walking. Other warm-up movements instead of walking for jogging will not be logical and accurate. Or if you are going to play a football game, you can perform warm up movements by making small movements with the soccer ball.

In addition to these specific examples, basic warm-up movements that can be done before sports and exercise are as follows:

1. Ideal warm-up takes between 5 and 10 minutes. If you wish, you can walk for 5 minutes or ride a bicycle.

2. One of the easiest and practical warm-up movements is walking. Starting at a light pace and walking for 10-15 minutes is one of the correct warm-up exercises you can do before sports and exercises.

3. After walking or cycling, you can move your neck to the left, right and back and forth in slow motion.

4. To warm your arms, you need to open and stretch from both sides. At the same time, holding your arms and stretching your arms will enable the muscles in your arm to work. The important point here; After doing this movement, you need to raise your body’s blood circulation and body temperature by shaking your arms.

Types of Warm Up Exercises

5. For leg flexing movements, you should start by putting a load on the muscles. Your legs should be open or adjacent stretched while doing our forward bending motion. When you lean forward, you need to put your fingertips on your feet. As the muscles in your body begin to warm up, you will begin to make these movements much easier.

6. Then, lying on your back, lift your two legs up. You can then stretch your lower body well by pulling your legs towards you slowly.

7. Finally, sit on the ground. Hold your toes and try not to move. Then flex your back leg muscles nicely. You can do this by changing legs at 5 sets of 30 seconds intervals.

Warm up moves

8. Here, you can do a comprehensive warm-up from the head to the toes. After warming up according to the fitness movements you will do, you can start the sport immediately without cooling.

Did you know these?

  • Warm-up movements are also very important for heart health. While warming up, our heart rate and body temperature slowly increase. However, the blood and oxygen needed by the muscles also increase.
  • In addition to warming up your muscles and enabling you to do a more useful sport; it allows you to get more efficiency from your sports activity.
  • The main purpose of the warming movements; Preparing target muscles, preparing target joints, preparing the central nervous system and mentally preparing for action.

Attention to These!

  • You may need to increase or decrease your warm-up time depending on the ambient temperature. Therefore, the given warm-up times are variable.
  • The muscles in the body are cold before warming up; it is not resistant to situations such as impact and forcing. Therefore; Starting exercise without warming up can cause injuries.
  • Warm-up movements vary depending on the sport and intensity you will do. So avoid uniform warming and wrong heating.

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