Upright Posture Exercises – Upright – Upright Movement

Our back is a region that we ignore and do not work enough. The invoice of the wrong posture, constant work at the desk and what we carry is somehow revealed on our back. Moreover, if we ask you to stand upright for a while, you will probably achieve this for a few minutes, but you cannot maintain this state due to weak back muscles. Upright posture exercises Thanks to this, you can get rid of this situation.

Thanks to a strong back zone, you can stand upright, get rid of hunchback, and we don’t look shorter than we are. Here are our exercise suggestions that will strengthen the back and help stand upright.

Breathe in and breathe upward while exhaling, at this time, stretch well with your toes and hands, return to the starting position and continue the movement.


Alternatively, in this movement, we will lift our right leg and left arm, that is, diagonally. Breathe again and breathe as you rise up diagonally, return to the starting position again, and this time raise with the other side, namely the left leg and right arm, exhale.


Take your position on the ground and be careful not to be humped. Inhale, while exhaling, lift the right leg and left arm at the same time and return to the starting position again, this time with the other side, repeat the movement so that the left leg and right arm are lifted.


Lie on a pilates ball or weight bench and grab two dumbbells in your hand. Let the weights lie down to the ground and now, while exhaling, lift the weights sideways and lower them back to the starting point, continue the same cycle until you feel a sweet burning sensation in your back muscles.


Take your place on a coffee table as shown in the picture and push the weight waiting in the air while exhaling, while your arm should not play, only the forearm should go back from the elbow. Thanks to this movement, both your outer arm and back will be working effectively.


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