Suggestions for protection from mosquitoes in the camps

Even if summer comes as soon as possible at the end of each winter, we are saying that we should have a cold camp with pleasure. If there is no one, I do not believe in sincerity, can there be such a thing? Even if we love winter camps, we are cold at some point. It is also wood, fire, they are always in trouble. Even camping equipment becomes more complicated in winter. Therefore, we are looking forward to writing (that is, if it is not the scorching heat, bone warming temperatures), especially during the transition periods when we get our share from the winter. But we are not the only ones looking forward to the time we spend in the open air. Just like us, mosquitoes start to move in hot weather. Besides the constant itching insect and fly bites are very annoying, there is always the possibility that flies carry disease. Not so cute right? Even when you think about it, winter says come back. Fortunately, there is no need to wait for the winter to prevent mosquitoes. Here I compiled for you protection from mosquitoes in camps Some simple suggestions for.

Stay away from stagnant waters

Still water is an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you want to be protected from mosquitoes in the camps, stay away from stagnant water areas. Of course, this may not always be enough, because your neighbors may be feeding them. But the truth is that if you eliminate breeding around your tent, you can also greatly reduce your chances of getting bitten. Open puddles, water tanks, bird baths as well as places like marshes and lakes are inviting places for mosquitoes.

Apply sunscreen before fly repellent

If you are going to use sunscreen and insect spray together, apply them in order. The International Association of Medical Aid (IAMAT) recommends that the sunscreen penetrate the skin for 20 minutes before using repellents that can reduce sunscreen effectiveness. So mixing is not acceptable here.

Sleep under a mosquito net if possible

Whether you’re off for a camping trip or set up an unplanned camp on your way to sleep, sleeping under a mosquito net is the most effective way to keep mosquitoes away from you. Of course, none of us carry mosquito nets in our pockets. Since mosquito net is not a frequently used camping equipment, you cannot expect to carry it with you all the time, but if you are going to an area with a dense mosquito or sleeping in a hammock, you definitely need to get one. It is a material that can be extremely reduced due to its mesh structure. So maybe not in your pocket, but you can throw it in the corner of your bag.

Protection from mosquitoes in camps

Search for DEET or Icaridin in tags

You know, there are insect and fly repellents designed to be applied to the skin. You can use colorless and odorless icaridine or deet containing spray or lotions as a fly repellent. Check the label to make sure the product has EPA approval, which guarantees full protection for up to two hours.

Wear pre-treated clothing to protect against mosquitoes in the camps

To protect against mosquitoes in camps, you can use insect repellents squeezed on clothes before wearing your clothes. Of course, if you have a pimpliced ​​structure like me and you worry that it will be chemical on my skin, do not do such a thing. I have added a method for you below. Continue reading the article as if you had never read this article.

Pull your socks up

You may think it will not look great, but don’t worry, this is the new fashion in the camps! This fashion trend is also the best defense against other insects, such as a tick-bearing tick. Personally, I travel this way as a host in the 300-person Back to Nature Camps. I said to myself, “After all, my sweet dear is more important than nothing.” I suggest. I recommend it to you.

Wear woven clothing

Interesting but mosquitoes can also bite you through thin clothes. You can never understand how they did it, but they can. Therefore, choose frequently woven materials that are more difficult for mosquitoes to act. Clothes that provide UV protection typically touch frequently and often protect against insect bites.

Avoid dark colors

When going to the camp, prefer light colored clothes. Believe it or not, some say that mosquitoes, especially those who bite during the day, find dark colors attractive. So dressing in light color can be a good idea to protect against mosquitoes in camps. Of course, in this case, you are likely to become an open target for bees. You will take care of him now.

Use a portable mosquito repellent

You can take quite small, light and portable fly repellents and carry them with you in every camp. Personally, I do not go into that ball because I do not like to spray these things on my skin.

Stay inside at twilight and dawn

Mosquitoes are mostly active at dusk and at dawn. Keep this in mind when planning your summer activities. Let me write those who do not know exactly how long it is at dawn, with Google. We can say that around 5-7 hours when the sun starts to rise.

Ventilate your tent to prevent mosquitoes in the camps

Air circulation will physically push mosquitoes out of that area and eliminate the environment in which they develop. So it may be a good option to ventilate your tent during the camp.

Keep your tent’s mesh doors closed at all times

Of course, you should not invite mosquitoes inside at the expense of the tent. For this reason, the most important thing you should pay attention to until the moment you set up your tent is to keep it closed at all times. It is the most basic rule that is skipped in these camps. Don’t forget that.

You can have some plants around to protect you from mosquitoes in the camps.

Plants such as basil, lavender, and lemon balm are the ones that mosquitoes do not like much. Of course, it may be difficult to carry a plant with a flower pot when you go to the camp. But it is quite easy for you to carry the essential oils of these plants. A few drops of oil on your wrists, neck and pillow can keep flies away from you for a while. (Might not. You can still try.)

Protection from mosquitoes in the camps

Outdoor fan

Mosquitoes generally cannot resist a harsh breeze. So fans are a simple, non-toxic way to get rid of mosquitoes. If you are going to be camping for a long time and have access to electricity, you may want to consider using a simple fan. This option can always be considered, especially in paid camping areas.

Candle and incense

It is known that mosquitoes do not like candles and incense. These are not powerful insect repellents, but they can help make your campsite mosquito free. It is extremely dangerous to use flammable and smoke producing substances such as candles and incense inside the tent. So these products are not in the tent; use it while sitting outside.

Do not rely on food

You may have heard that swallowing some foods, such as garlic, can help prevent bites, but such methods will not provide complete protection. The only living thing that you can be sure of by keeping garlic away from yourself is another human being.

Know that genetics is half the battle

Ultimately, there is one important ingredient that attracts mosquitoes in your blood: Biology. The human body emits about 300 different odors, and some odors are repellent to mosquitoes and some are attractive. Basically, some people tend to attract more mosquitoes than others depending on how their bodies are metabolized. Unfortunately, your genetics determine your fate here. So best strive to be protected. Good camps!

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