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Gyms are ideal for regular sports. But if the times that suit you are suitable for everyone, it can be a queue, if the hall is not nearby, there is a way to go together, and sometimes only the person really hangs out of the house and goes to the sport… Many other excuses, but do you need all this? If you have enough space in your home and are able to budget for sports equipment, placing a sports equipment for at least a condition in a corner of your home will allow you to move anytime you want. However, every time you see the tool, there is also the desire to do sports. What are the fitness equipment you can use in your home? Let’s look at our list now.

Exercise Bike

Exercise fitness equipment is not described without an exercise bike. It is based on the logic of pedaling by sitting on the condition bike, which is one of the fixtures of the condition with the treadmill. It is possible to increase or decrease the level by adjusting the pedal hardness. From the electronic display, you can see how many minutes you have been using the tool, how long you have been in this period, and how much you have a pulse (if you hold it where necessary). Vertical exercise bike is the most used type in homes. The horizontal exercise bike is not as common as upright but it takes more effort. The main difference between the horizontal exercise bike and the vertical exercise bike is that it has a seat that will support your back and waist in the horizontal one. Although the vertical exercise bike does not burn as many calories as possible, those who have low back or back pain can use the horizontal exercise bike much more comfortably.

Regions run: The entire lower body, hind leg, groin and hip area



Another indispensable item of fitness sports equipment list is of course treadmill. Since you will only make some noise while using this device, either your house must have good sound insulation or you should not have a lower neighbor. It is possible to see the time you use, distance you go and your heart rate, like those on the exercise bike. However, you can experience many different types of cardio in a single session, from mild pace walking to full speed running, thanks to the random exercise programs available on most treadmills. In order not to cause unfavorable situations for you at home, it is useful to increase the speed on the treadmill as you get used to, rather than suddenly.

Regions run: Leg muscles & hips, warming up

Elliptical Bike

Elliptical Bike

The elliptical bicycle, which enables those who think “whether a bicycle is used by sitting” and also uses bicycles while standing, and feels like you are walking in a non-gravity environment, is also among the popular fitness equipment. You will start to move your feet on the pedals of this bike, which you will recognize by the long handles. In this, you can increase the level and make it difficult to step. The elliptical bike, which you increase your speed and difficulty with your own legs and muscle strength, is considered as one of the most effective cardio sports equipment.

Regions run: Top, bottom and side hips, inner thighs, cardio & warm-up


The most ideal fitness equipment that you can easily take into your home and will not spoil your neighbors are twisters. Twister has two popular variants: You can go to the disc twister with two feet and move yourself to the left and right, as if you were hula. Ideal not only for condition but also for melting the waist. In the stepper twister, there are two feet and you can step at the speed you want and the hardness level you want.

Regions run: Abdominal, lumbar and waist cavities, balance

AB Roles

AB Roles

AB roles are also a fitness equipment you can use at home. It does not take up space, nor does the wallet tire. It is actually a wheel that can be held on either side. You can fix your knees and feet and hold this tool on both sides, and you can move back and forth thanks to the swivel wheel. Both condition and abdominal muscle friendly.

The region it operates: Abdominal muscles, arm and shoulder area

Dumbbell and Barbell

Dumbbell and dumbbell are tools that can be used for fitness, although they are generally considered as part of weight lifting exercises. However, it is one-to-one sports equipment not only for weight loss, but also for those working out to gain weight. If you buy a set with a steel handle, you can use it at home for years. If you have a tall mirror, it is possible to create an environment that will not look for a gym.

Regions run: All of the arm muscles, shoulders, back and neck

Shuttle Tool

Shuttle Tool

The first thing that comes to mind when you say shuttle is a model with a pillow part that you can lean your head on and a curved stick that you can hold. Some of these are sold as multipurpose; It also allows use as a door bar or push-up device. There are bigger shuttle tools in the gym, but we have no doubt that they will do your job at home.

The region it operates: abdomen

Step Board

We put the most fun fitness equipment to the end. With the step board, it allows you to perform step and aerobic movements with music at home. You can watch videos of certain movements on the Internet, or you can create your own movements and choreography in the future.

The region it operates: Basic warm-up and stretching, general condition, upper leg

Counter Jump Rope

Counter Jump Rope

Since the jump rope itself is not a sports equipment, we cheated a bit and put the counter. But believe me, this will work for you because you will be able to see how many times you skipped. You are free to do the movements you made in your childhood. There is no harm in anyone to be in condition by experiencing nostalgia. It is also possible to create a conscious exercise program with the rope jumping exercises that you can find on the internet for a more professional rope jumping experience.

The region it operates: Arm, upper and lower legs, balance

There is no way to put them aside after taking them alone. Promise?

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