Shall we get to know Pilates mats closely?

One of the equipment that athletes need most during their activities using their own weights are sports mats. The mat used during pilates, which is a flexibility and balance discipline, is very important. Pilates mat creates an intermediate layer between the hard floor and the body while doing your movements, it supports your body and helps you to do pilates movements in the most accurate way. Well, how about having more detailed information about pilates mat, which is indispensable for pilates?

What are Mati Types?

Pilates mats are thicker and longer than other mat types. Pilates mats vary according to the material from which they are produced, their size and thickness. In the production of Pilates mats, materials such as rubber, vinyl, plastic, polyethylene foam and sponge are generally used as raw materials. Pilates mats are divided into small, medium and wide categories according to their size. While the widths of Pilates mats vary between 55 cm and 100 cm, their lengths are designed between 180 cm and 220 cm. The surface of the base of the pilates mats, which protect the body and joints during the exercises, is designed to be smooth. Thus, it is aimed to prevent a possible slipping situation while doing the movements. Also among the pilates mats are models designed with carrying straps and tires. You can easily take the mats with carrying strap wherever you want. You can have the product you like and motivate you among the pilates mat models with different colors and patterns offered by Xyrat.

While Buying Pilates Mat
What are the Considerations?

Since you are in contact with the mat during pilates movements, you should choose among the thick mat models. The mat thickness required to obtain the cushioning you need during Pilates is between 10 mm and 15 mm. Another point to be considered when choosing a Pilates mat is the hardness of the mat. You have to choose from soft mat types that will provide the comfort you want, especially during movements on the spine. Otherwise, hard mats can cause discomfort during exercise and make it difficult for you to do movements. Another feature to consider when buying a Pilates mat is the texture of the mat. During movements, hands and feet should not slip on the mat even if they sweat. For this reason, you must make sure that the pilates mat you will use has sufficient grip. In addition, the mat must have a structure to prevent the ball from slipping in order to avoid any dangerous situation during the movements with the pilates ball. The dimensions of the mat used during Pilates are also very important. The dimensions of the mat should be the width and length suitable for body measurements. In particular, it is recommended that the length of the mat is equal to or longer than the length.

Pilates Mat Care
How To

The maintenance of the Pilates mat differs according to the properties of the mat. If your mat is washable in the washing machine, you can save time by using this option. However, if one of the models of the pilates mat is not washed in the washing machine, you have to clean the mat manually. If you want to take advantage of natural cleansers during mat cleaning, you can prepare a cleansing lotion by adding some apple cider vinegar or white vinegar to a spray bottle with lavender or thyme oil. Then, you can complete the cleaning of the mat by wiping the mixture you squeezed on the mat with a damp cloth. After the Pilates mat has been cleaned and dried, you should roll the mat in order to prevent it from wearing out. If you tie your mat with a rope or rubber, you should be careful not to tighten it too much. When not in use, you should keep the mat in a dry and clean environment that does not receive direct sunlight. You should also be careful not to put heavy objects on the mat, away from sharp materials and heat sources.

You can make pilates everywhere, and relax by removing the stress and negative energy brought by the day. You can have the pilates mat you need to protect your muscle, bone and joint structure during pilates exercises with the privileges offered by Xyrat.

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