Recommendations for Camping in the Rain

If your face is wrinkled when you read the title of the article, I think you should not bother to read the rest of the article. You camping in the rain I can’t even convince you. It’s rain after all. It is a natural phenomenon where you will be soaked when exposed. Who can get soaked and enjoy camping at the same time? Nobody can take it. If it is winter, it gets cold and summer is sticky… I think that camping in the rain is not at all in mind. Anyway when someone saw the rain, “Oh it’s raining, let’s get up and go to the camp.” I guess he doesn’t say. But you can get caught in the rain wherever you go. Or you may have seen that a few days of a camping trip you want to take from the weather for a long time may be rainy.

Don’t worry, there is no rule that rain will ruin your camping trip in such a situation. On the contrary, camping in the rain can be fun. The only thing that matters is that you are prepared to camp in the rain. Here are a few tips to help you have a great time without canceling your camping trip.

For Camping in the Rain Find the Right Tent Area

The most important thing to pay attention in rainy weather is to choose the right camp site. Those who are somewhat distant to the subject and say “What is there to choose the camp site?”What You Should Know When Choosing a Campground”To the article. Those who master the subject can continue reading. Besides a river or lake, which is normally very pleasant, it can be quite dangerous in rainy weather. So be careful to choose a camp site without a pond. As you can appreciate, it is not much fun to wake up in the water during a downpour. Better still, if your tent faces the direction where the sun is rising, it will be easier to get out of your sleeping bag in the drizzling mornings. It is important not to install your tent under a tree in rainy weather. Because even after the rain stops, the raindrops remaining on the branches will continue to drip.

Camping in the Rain

Protect Your Tent’s Stitches

If you are expecting rain and you are unsure of the performance of your tent, it may be a good idea to use a stitch protector at the seams. Tents that you trust in performance but have been using for a very long time may not be as strong as tents that you are not sure of their performance; there may be deformations in the seams. So don’t rely on having an expensive tent, be sure to check the seams of your tent before camping in the rain. The stitch protector / glue prevents water from entering the tent’s seams. So during the night you will sleep comfortably in your tent you can be sure.

Build a Small Waterway Around Your Tent

Yes, you heard it right. I give the most impractical camping advice you have heard in your life. Make a small water path around your tent. Because no one wants to accumulate water in his tent. If you dig a small water path around your tent, it will catch water from your tent as well as the water that flows near your tent. If you had to set up your tent on a gentle slope, you should definitely do this. Otherwise, you can wake up in a minimal pond in the morning.

Camping in the Rain

Create an Outdoor Seating Area for Tent Camping in the Rain

In the camps held in rainy weather, when the day approaches to the end, everyone tends to shoot in their tent. Because it’s raining already, the weather is cool, now what’s the need to get wet before I go into the overalls? When the day is over, if you do not want everyone to retreat to their tents, create a small, rain-protected seating area. You can even light a small campfire if the area you create is higher than the ground. Just make sure that the campfire is small, otherwise it may grow by the wind or cause your awning to burn due to sparks.

Bring Games With You If You Are Camping In The Rain

There is not much to do but watch the rain while it rains in the camps. Reading books and chatting is of course good, but let’s be realistic, doing the same thing for hours of everyday will bother you a lot. Therefore, you may want to consider playing some creative games in order to avoid getting bored in case the rain will last longer. Playing cards or box games that you bring with you can work as well as role playing games are very suitable for camps. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have activities planned especially for young children. As all parents know, young children can get bored very quickly, and sitting in a tent with a bored little boy will not be much fun.

Have Waterproof Clothing With You For Rainy Camps

I don’t know if I need to say this, but whatever it is, it is imperative that you buy waterproof, rainproof clothing against the possibility of your camp going into rainy. Waterproof shoes are also more important than you think. If you think it will not be so bad to get your feet wet, remember that idea right away. There is no such thing. It is one of the places where you will be the most unhappy when your feet are wet. Even when you are at home, when you press the sock with socks, it hits the bottom of unhappiness. So make sure that your shoes are waterproof and breathable in the camps you will do in rainy weather. In short, whatever you decide to bring to the camp, make sure you have a plan to stay dry in the rain.

Waterproof rain clothes and a good layering system will help you regulate your body temperature, absorb moisture while your body is active and maintain your body temperature when you cool down. Cotton clothes are never a good choice because they stay wet; this quickly lowers your body temperature.

Have Dry Wood Under Your Car

It is one of the hardest things in the world to find dry wood while burning camp fire in rainy camps or to dry the wet wood you find. Those wetted woods do not dry out anyway, your fire will whisper and make you nervous, because of the moist wood everywhere becomes under smoke. Especially if you are a novice in lighting a fire, your adventure that begins to camp returns to a life file. So you have to do your best to keep the wood dry. A great way to keep wood dry is to place it under your car or a awning. After placing the dry wood under your car, dig a small pit around your car. This will prevent rainwater from flowing under the car and wetting the wood completely. Or instead of dealing with digging a hole, lay a tarpaulin under the wood so that water does not come over the water flowing from the ground.

If you have a smaller car, there may not be enough space under the car for firewood. Another great option is to use one of your extra tarpaulins to cover dry wood. Whatever you decide to do, having dry wood is a priority if you want to light a campfire.

Have dry wood with you

Of course, you will not have the chance to obtain the dry wood mentioned in the previous article in a rainy weather. So if you are camping at a time of rain, keep dry wood with you and do your best to keep those wood dry.

Camping in the Rain


The best advice about camping in the rain is really good preparation. When you receive the news of the rain, do not think that your camping trip is ruined. Camping in the rain can be really fun. Enjoy different aspects of this adventure and nature. You will see how relaxing it will be to just sit and listen to the sound of the rain. Everything will be much better if you think positively for all conditions.

I hope these tips will help you plan your wonderful camping trip so you can enjoy your time in a different weather without soaking. Do you have any other tips for camping in the rain? Let’s see them in the comments.

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