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Although we have a lot to do to show our body the attention it deserves, we can sometimes neglect it, possibly due to ongoing bustle. For this reason, we are always after the fastest, easiest and most effective method of body care. Pilates is one of these methods. Especially movements with pilates tape it can be effective enough to satisfy you about your body in a short time. If you are not used to the pilates ball or the pilates circle or if you are among those who want to meet different exercises, pilates tape (or aka pilates tire) may be exactly the equipment you are looking for. In this article, we have compiled 11 of the movements with pilates tape for you. Then: tempo!

1. Crouching Ahead

Squat Movement

Do not look at what we call squatting, actually the well-known name of this work squat. Nowadays, it is so famous that we have not seen what is missing from the squat. How do you squat using a Pilates tape? Put your feet on the pilates band and spread them a little wider than your shoulders. Secure your hands at shoulder level by holding the ends of the tape. Chest upright, abdominal muscles squat tight and stand up.

2 Hip Bridge

Bridge Movement

If you want your hips to have a great form, this pilates exercise is for you. Lie face down and position your knees to form a reverse V with the floor. Then tie the pilates tape to your knees. Then, raise your hips so that your shoulders, hips and knees form a straight line.

3.Side Steps

Side Steps

Attach the Pilates tape and step inside the tape so that it rests on your ankles. Stretch the pilates band by opening your feet shoulder-width apart. Step left and right, taking a semi-squat position and taking care to keep the tape taut. Keep in mind that you should not join your feet in order for the Pilates band to remain taut.



You can bring a new breath to your push-up exercises by acquiring a pilates band. Take a push-up position and put your pilates tape near your shoulders. Then, wrap the ends of the tape around your palm and continue to push up with your arms tight.

5.Bicep Improvement

Biceps Development

If you want to turn to the arm muscles a bit during the movements with the Pilates band, this exercise is quite suitable for your purpose. Press the center of the Pilates band with one foot. Hold the ends of the tape. Make sure your palms are facing the ceiling. Then load your lower arm without moving your elbows to create a ninety-degree angle.

6.Supported Shuttle

Assisted Shuttle

Wrap your Pilates tape on a stationary object and hold both ends. Lie on your back on the ground. Lift your legs from the hip to the air and bend your knees to ninety degrees. Then start pulling the shuttle with the pilates tape you hold at the ends. Take care to keep your hips, legs and knees firm.

the 7.Maym

Monkey Movement

Center your Pilates tape fully and place your feet. Open your feet past your shoulder width. Have the ends of the tape in your palms and your legs in a semi-squat position. Tilt your torso to the right by pulling your left elbow up. Your left leg will also get tense. Repeat by doing the same movement with your other elbow.

8. Solution to Belly Fats

Abdominal Movement

The fat that accumulates in your belly area can come with this movement, which you can do with pilates tape. Sit upright on your mat and turn one leg into an inverted V shape for support. Center your pilates tape on your other foot and hold the ends with your hands. Pull the tape with your arms.

9.For Shoulders

Shoulder Movement

Center your pilates tape and place one foot slightly ahead, in the center of the tape. Then hold both ends of the tape and raise and lower both arms at shoulder level. You can do this movement as in the photo.

10.Reverse Shuttle

Reverse Shuttle

Let’s continue the movements with the Pilates band with abdominal muscles. Be sure to fix the tape to a stable and low-lying object. Knot on the tape. Lie on your mat and lift your legs up from your hips. Put the tape on your ankles. Pull your legs towards your shoulders.

11.For Basins and Hips

Basen Movement

Sit on a chair and wrap the tape around your upper legs. Remember that the tape should be wrapped tight. Hold the ends of the tape and open and close your legs. In this process, your feet must be flat on the floor.

Nobody knows the benefits of Pilates anymore. By buying a pilates set for yourself, you can start this trend in a short time and become a fit and healthy individual.

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