Let’s examine the non-slip pilates socks closely

Pilates, which is based on strengthening the body by using body weight and muscle strength, aims to increase physical resistance by combining breathing and movement. It was developed by Joseph Huberts Pilates for the prisoners who were forced to live in an extremely narrow space and in crowds in the camps during the First World War and became one of the most preferred sports in time.

Although the first emergence of Pilates sport has come across a period of impossibility, today this sport; It is made with different equipment such as ball, hoop, rubber and even with its own unique clothing. In pilates sports, where the balance element has an important place, tights, athletes and anti-slip socks come to the fore as an important element.

What is Pilates Socks?

The pilaf, which aims to work all muscle groups with its own forces, does not use shoes because the tension of the toes is also very important. On the other hand, in order for the different poses based on balance and solidity to be made completely, the foot must be firmly on the ground and not to slip on the ground.

Pilates socks arise precisely from this need and, on the one hand, prevent your foot from slipping, on the other hand, it allows you to move your ankles and fingers comfortably.

How should Pilates non-slip socks be?

Pilates socks should not come to your feet neither narrowly nor abundantly and wrap them fully. It is also very important that the points on the sole of the sock that provide non-slip properties do not disturb the foot when pressed. In the same way, the pilates socks should have a cotton and breathable texture for your feet to be comfortable. If you are going to prefer a long model, it is important that the ankle part of the socks does not squeeze your foot. Otherwise, your feet may become uncomfortable as the blood flow will be adversely affected.

Why is Pilates Socks Important?

In order to be more efficient in strength, breathing and balance training, in pilating requiring concentration; The discomfort felt on the ground during sports can cause you to not fully perform postures and maintain your balance. Pilates socks, whose main purpose is to prevent slipping, protect your foot and help you to do sports safer.

On the other hand, some postures cannot be made exactly because normal socks do not have special protectors on their soles and cause feet to slip. Worse still, some simple injuries may occur.

What Should Be Considered While Buying Pilates Socks?

It is very important that Pilates socks are right for your feet. Pilates socks usually have extra heel support to wrap the soles of the feet and this part increases both the elasticity and non-slip of the socks. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the protrusions on the bottom of the Pilates socks are not plastic, but silicone, and to be durable for a long time.

Pilates socks should have a meshed and permeable structure as pilates, like the whole body, will sweat during energy-intensive sports. These permeable and breathable tissues prevent foot sweating and prevent bad odors and protect foot health.

Pilates Socks Models

Although functionally designed and manufactured as a need, pilates socks also stand out as a complement to their sportswear outfit. Almost all models have a non-slip silicone structure, while some pilates socks can be like the booties, while others can be stretched to the wrists. In non-slip pilates socks with various alternatives suitable for sports experience and taste, there are also models that expose some or all of the toes.

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