How can we tighten the abdominal muscles with the balance ball?

Abdominal muscles, which are in the muscle group without skeletal support in the trunk, are located in the abdominal region. Each of the muscles, which are divided into many sections, have differences, functions and ways of working. Although it is expressed medically in some terms, it can be given as an example of abdominal muscles among the public, such as baklava, abdominal muscles, and six pack. Developed and healthy abdominal muscles; It protects the organs in the abdominal cavity, prevents back pain, improves body posture, reduces bloating and largely prevents sagging.

How to Improve Abdominal Muscles?

If you want to have a steel-like abdominal muscle, you should first exercise regularly and pay attention to what you eat. In addition to looking healthy and fit, abdominal muscles provide motivation to the person. Noticing the developing muscles in your exercises makes you happy and improves performance not only in your sports but also in all your other activities. There are different types of exercises to develop abdominal muscles. You can put your abdominal muscles into shape with movements that you can easily do at home, such as straight and reverse shuttle, push-ups, plank, squat, leg raise, climbing and superman movement, deadlift, air bike. If you want to bring a new breath to many of these movements, you can use the bosu (balance) ball. While you can do different movements with the help of this ball, you can not only strengthen your muscles but also carry your balance to the upper levels.

What is Balance Ball?

The bosu (balance) ball, which takes its name from the word bosu, which means “two-sided”, consists of a flat platform on one side and a ball-shaped hemisphere on the other.

With the balance ball, your balance control improves as well as your upper body and name as well as your abdominal muscles. If you want to strengthen your abdominal muscles with the balance ball, you can try different exercises.

Balance Ball Exercises

Push Up (Push Up)

Place the balance ball on the ground with the flat side facing you. Fix your feet so that there is a gap and make a push-up with your chin touching the ball. This movement works your arms as well as your abdominal muscles.


With the flat part of the ball at the bottom, press the round part with two feet to exit. Keep your back straight and stretch your hands across at an angle of 45 degrees. Crouch and get up with your hands on the opposite side. You can also do this movement, which makes it difficult for you to balance on two legs but strengthens you, with the help of elastic ropes or dumbbells.

Mountain Climber (Mountain Climber)

Take the push-up position with the round part of the ball at the bottom and grasp the ball from both sides. Move your legs back and forth. You will feel that your abdominal muscles are burning during this movement.


Place your elbows on the round part of the ball and lie face down. Once you are in the plank position, lift one leg up. You can do this movement prone, or you can do side plank just by standing on your right or left elbow.


The shuttle movement with the balance ball is slightly different from the classic. Put your balance ball on the ground with the round part up. Place your waist and hips on the ball and your back on the floor. Start fixing after fixing both hands to the sides of the ball. You can also push your limits by doing the shuttle movement with weights instead of holding the ball.


Do your superman movement on the mat, which you can also do on the mat, both improve your abdominal muscles and try to keep your balance without holding on. Lie down with your belly button in the top of the ball. Meanwhile stretch your arms and feet straight and stretched. Before leaving your belly, raise your arms and legs at the same time and wait 3 seconds. Superman movement supports your abdominal muscles as well as your spine and helps reduce your back pain.

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