Exercises You Can Do at Home with the Pilates Circle

He takes care of his health, but has difficulty in allocating time for himself in the intensity of city life, do not you want to waste time in the gym? We have prepared clues for you to achieve the body you desire and do all of this in the comfort of home while preserving your health, strength and dynamism among all that hustle and bustle. How about evaluating our exercise suggestions that will enable you to achieve sports comfort at home while browsing our clues? In this article, we have compiled for you the exercises that can be done at home with the pilates circle, with all you need to know about the pilates circle that adds comfort to sports at home.

What is Pilates?

In addition to its long-standing rooted history, pilates, which has remained the rising sport trend of recent years, draws attention with its different application styles and popularity. Aiming to balance the body with the mind and balance the spine while doing so, pilates strengthens and lengthens the basic muscles, pilates also attracts athletes with the ability to give flexibility and strength. Pilates, which offers the opportunity to do sports in the comfort of home with its many equipment, especially the pilates circle, has the feature of being the shining star of home exercises.

What is the Pilates Circle?

The pilates circle, which can be defined as a circle made of flexible material with an average diameter of 40 cm, is usually produced with two parallel holding devices. The circle is known to have been invented by the inventor of pilates Joseph Pilates. The circle has been one of the indispensable tools of pilates exercises since the day the discipline came to life.

The pilates circle, which becomes easy to carry with its light structure and small footprint design, allows you to easily do sports at home, in the gym or outdoors. The circle, which can be easily adapted to exercise routines, is a perfect training apparatus with the feature of increasing the comfort of home sports.

How to Use the Pilates Circle?

The pilates circle, which you can easily adapt to the exercises that work the arms, legs, back, chest, hips and even the abdominal muscles, is generally used by applying pressure from the sides to the holding apparatus. In this method, the circle applies a certain amount of weight to the muscles by resisting the muscle groups that push it inwards, and the muscle group is activated by this method.


Activated muscle groups contract and relax and fully adapt to the exercise. In this way, the pilates circle, which provides the opportunity to exercise intensely and tightly, allows you to easily operate almost all major muscle groups in the home environment without the need for an extra device.

What are the exercises that can be done at home with the Pilates circle?

The Pilates circle provides exercises to help run small muscle groups as well as more than one large muscle group in the comfort of home. Pilates circle exercises, which provide serious tightening especially in problem areas, make it easier to have a healthy and fit body.

The pilates circle, which allows the desired area to be tightened by repeating movements in the exercise, also helps to thin regionally. Below are some of the pilates circle exercises that we have prepared for you, which will give you a healthy and fit look with a few repetitions per week.

Pilates Circle Restores Chest Muscles!

This exercise, which is aimed at working the chest muscles, can be done sitting or standing. In this exercise, it is important to stretch your arms forward at shoulder level while keeping your back straight. You need to do 3 sets of exercises and 12 repetitions by applying pressure on the hoop with palms straight and arms stretched. This exercise is used to train the arm muscles as well as the chest muscles.

Let Your Arms Tighten With The Circle!

It should be noted that a similar exercise of the chest can be done to tighten your arms. It is important to complete the exercise with 10-12 reps and 3-4 sets by trying to bring your arms closer together by holding your shoulders and arms down and placing the pilates circle between your palms. When the same movement is done by lifting the arms up without straining the shoulders, it also activates the back arm muscles.

Hoop Exercise With Hoop

In this exercise that you will lie down on the floor, you have to bend the right leg and fasten the hoop between the heel and the hip. It is important to repeat the circle between the heel and the hip repeatedly without forcing, and repeat the same movement with the other leg. The exercise, which you will do in 10 sets and 3 sets for each leg, provides hard work for the back leg as well as the hip muscles.

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