Considerations When Choosing A Camping Hammock

Taking hammocks can be seen as an ordinary activity for many people. But if you are a hammock lover who finds happiness in a hammock like me, choosing a hammock becomes one of the most important jobs in the world. You want to make sure how comfortable you are in hammock and how useful the hammock is. Choosing in daily hammocks is a bit easier than camping hammocks. But with attention to be taken while taking the hammock daily caution when choosing a camping hammock There are very important differences between. Let’s examine what the differences are.

Things to consider when choosing a camping hammock

If you are going to use the hammock you choose for hammock camps other than daily use, that is, if you plan to sleep in the hammock, then there will be a few other things to consider besides comfort. Especially in hammock camps where warmth and protection are prominent, isolation is extremely important. Because hammocks get cold from the waist part in a very short time and it is not easy to prevent this with simple materials.

Even in the summer months, the most important issue in hammock camps is isolation since the night temperature levels can decrease. In addition, flapper and tarp options are among the things you should definitely consider for hammock camps. Tarp is a protection material that should be evaluated especially in winter and windy weather. Mosquito nets are an indispensable accessory for the summer months when the live life takes action.

What kind of hammock should be preferred for the hammock camp?

The most useful hammocks for hammock camps are absolutely nylon hammocks. Especially knitted hammocks and rope hammocks lead the list of things that should not be preferred in hammock camps. Nylon hammocks are more suitable for long-term use as well as being lighter and more useful. Moreover, nylon hammocks installations are more practical than other hammocks.

What should be the material of the hammock?

Today, many hammocks are made of either fabric or nylon. Fabric hammocks are much heavier than nylon hammocks. Moreover, while nylon hammocks can easily shrink, fabric hammocks cannot shrink. The fact that they dry much faster when they get wet is one of the features that make nylon hammocks more useful. That’s why the choice of nylon hammocks is extremely important in hammock camps.

What should be considered about the comfort of the hammock?

The most important thing to consider in order to sleep comfortably in the hammock is how much you are buried when you sleep in a hammock. Because it is very important to how high your head and foot are up for your comfort. If you want to be comfortable, you should choose a hammock that gives you the opportunity to lie as flat as possible. (You will never be lying flat. The important thing is that the hammock gives ‘as much as possible’ lying flat.) However, this flatness should not cause unnecessary and uncomfortable stretching in the hammock. In other words, I am not talking about a flatness caused by the tension of the hammock too much. This flat should be a flat where you can move and swing comfortably while lying in a hammock installed in normal tension.

Maximum weight capacity

Both in hammocks you choose for daily use and caution when buying camping hammocks What must be on your list is the maximum weight capacity of the hammock. To do this, you first need to calculate the weight of the person or items with which you will use your own weight and hammock. The fact that the maximum weight capacity of the hammock you choose is more than this weight is important both for the durability and longevity of the material and prevents unwanted and dangerous situations.

The size of the hammock you will sleep is important

Since you will spend an entire night in the hammock, it is extremely important to make sure that it matches your body structure while choosing your camping hammock. If you are very tall, it will be more convenient for you to choose a hammock slightly longer than your height. Similarly, the width of the hammock is another factor that will play a role in your comfort. If you plan to use the hammock for two people, you should definitely choose a large hammock.

ticket to the moon hammock

Connection points of the hammock

If you ask me, the first thing that makes a hammock more selectable than others is the way it connects. Personally, I have this detail both in daily hammocks and caution when choosing a camping hammock most of the time I put it on the list. Reliability is as important as the practicality and ease of attachment. The attachment model, which you can see in many hammock models, usually consists of classic threads. However, thanks to the development of today’s technology and the increase of hammock diversity, very different and practical tying techniques have been developed.

In terms of tie ropes, I would recommend you to consider that perlon will be chosen instead of the classic ropes, especially in order not to damage the trees and to make the connection more reliable. On the connection points, I prefer hammocks with carbine or hook connections, which I find both more reliable and highly practical.

Isolation in camping hammocks

Although isolation is not an important issue for daily use, it is an extremely important detail for hammock camps to sleep in. Hammocks are not usually produced with any insulation technology, but there are different materials that can be used for insulation. You can use more than one method to insulate the hammock. Some of the easiest and most useful methods among them are as follows;

  • The simplest method is to put a solid material on the bottom that can provide insulation. A sponge mat can work at this point. However, even though things like sleeping bags or blankets are the solution in the short term, they will not help break the cold in the long term. So it might be a good idea to choose a mat-like material.
  • Some hammocks are produced in double layers. At the bottom of these hammocks there is a compartment where you can put a mat. This layer not only provides a flat lay, but also helps the mat to remain firmly below you.
  • Another method is the material that is added to the bottom of the hammock and prevents cold from the bottom. They call it ‘underquilt’ in English. When it is fully translated, it means “lower quilt” but I will call it hammock quilt. This hammock quilt is added to the bottom of the hammock and helps the person in the hammock stay warm overnight. Hammock quilts of some brands can also be covered with zipper from the top, thus wrapping the entire hammock, providing a warmer environment.

caution when buying hammocks

Ticket To The Moon brand hammock quilt. When the photo on the right is closed while the photo on the left is closed.

Tarp in hammock camps

Tarp is a material that you can simply stretch over your hammock and protect you from weather events such as wind, rain, snow and leaves and small branches that may fall on you. It can be useful not only when the weather is rainy and windy, but also at other times. You may also want to stretch a tarp over your hammock to protect it from the morning dew or sun, especially in the morning.

The essentials of hammock camps are flapper

A flapper that can be easily added to the hammock will protect you from both flies, other creatures and leaves. Especially in the summer months when all living things are active, we can say that the mosquito nets are very important for the camps. I recommend using a mosquito net, as biting by other creatures, even if not lethal, can reduce the quality of your camp.

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