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Undoubtedly, not everyone’s understanding of vacation is the same. While many people prefer 5 star hotels and the sea-sand-sun trio, on the other hand, the number of people who do not change anything to wear their backpacks and camp on a mountain slope is not small. If you are one of those who say “I want to camp but I think about other holiday options”, we recommend you to read this article. Thus, we are sure that you will make a more comfortable decision.

1. You Will Breathe

Benefits of Camping

First of all, you will feel that you are really breathing with the joy of walking away from the city life for a moment. In camping areas where you can see every shade of green, you will not be able to enjoy the fresh air and the sky.

2. You Will Rediscover the Sky

Exploring the Sky

As we all know, light pollution is an important problem, especially in big cities. In general, no stars will appear in these cities in the evening except for one or two in the sky. But it is not so in nature. As soon as it gets dark, you will see an incredible view. You may feel dizzy while looking at the majestic stars. You can even see the Milky Way Galaxy. We claim that you will not change the pleasure of watching the sky by the fire on any holiday.

3. You Will Know Nature A Little Better

Getting to Know Nature

First of all, the first place you should know will be the camping area where you set up your tent. What nature does it have? How is the vegetation? Which trees and which animals are there? You can answer all these questions during the camp and be fascinated by getting to know nature more closely. For example, the birds in the photo are “great tit” birds. You can meet in many regions of our country. You just have to look carefully!

4. You Will Relieve Stress

Stress Relieving

Going to camp means moving away from buildings, traffic, stunning lights, noise, stench and dirty air. This means that many stress factors that you have to deal with in your daily life will disappear. You will feel that you have a relaxed mood even after a two or three day camping holiday.

5. You Will Get Vigorous Through Exercises

you'll feel rejuvenated

There are many things to do as soon as you go to the camp. Such as setting up a tent, arranging a mess, collecting dry wood for a fire to burn, and handling food. All this will cause you a lot of effort. However, unlike the exercises you have done in the city, you will not get tired while doing all this, on the contrary, you will feel more vigorous with the fresh air. By giving the right to the activities you will do in the rest of the camp, you will have a nice holiday.

6. You Will Benefit From Sunlight

Benefiting from Sunlight

In plazas, business centers or homes, in short, we are deprived of sunlight in the city life. It is worth remembering that with a determined sunbathing, we produce a lot of vitamin D in our body. Not enough sunbathing can lead to vitamin D deficiency and accompany many diseases. You also have plenty of sunbathing while camping.

7. Your sleep will improve

Your sleep will be in order

Many campers say that they have a perfect sleep during the camp. It is not a lie either. Your sleep quality will increase during your stay in the camp due to the dark weather, the elimination of many stress factors, fresh air and physical activities. In fact, many people who have sleep disorders say that their sleep problems are resolved after going to camp. If you have sleep problems, you should definitely try this opportunity.

8. You Can Get New Hobbies

New Hobbies

When you go on expeditions around your tent area during the camp, you will be surprised and confronted with various animal species. Many campers are also a nature watcher. For example, butterfly watchers observe various butterflies and find out what species they are. Likewise, bird watchers go after birds with guidebooks and identify a wide variety of birds. Remember, our country has a very high biodiversity and is perfect for such hobbies.

9. You Will Be Socialized Again

will socialize

In city life, you will say farewell to the phones and computers that we have not lost in most of the day in the camp. If you will enjoy conversations with your friends or family on the fire.

10. You will have a holiday for lessHoliday Cheap

Camping holidays are often cheaper than other holidays. We invite those who say that I cannot allocate big budgets for the holiday, grab the bag and tent and try the camping holiday.

11. You Will Be Back With Great Memories

You Will Collect Memories

Avoiding screens and technology as much as possible while camping will help you have a lot of fun with your friends or family. You will accumulate great memories, explore nature, and take great photos. In this way, we are sure that you will look forward to the next year and want to camp again.

Note: Let’s not forget to keep the camping area and environment clean while camping! In addition, following the rules of the camping area (burning fire, environmental cleaning, etc.) will enable us to have a safer and more enjoyable holiday.

If you have anything to add, you can share your ideas with us in the comments section! 🙂

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