Camping Tent – What is Camping Tent, How to Install Camping Tent?

The ideal way to be in touch with nature, draw fresh air into your lungs, step into the wild life and unplug the complexity of life even for a short time: Camping! Look; Camping, which is one of the most enjoyable solutions to get out of the chaos and chaos you live in and to connect with nature, the world and the universe in a short way, is actually like gambling. When you set up a camping tent and sleep in nature for the first time, one of the two results will definitely await you.

If you are one of those who have not yet been able to decide which side it is on, you are probably at the beginning of your camping adventure; so you may need a little help when it comes to setting up a camping tent. The first question that comes to mind when it comes to camping 101 is unquestionably, “How to build a tent?” is happening. No worries; as many tips and tricks as you don’t want, this article was compiled by an experienced camper 🙂

What are the materials needed to set up a camping tent?

The most essential material available for tent camping; no need to explain this. However, when setting up a camping tent, you will definitely need certain camping materials outside the tent. These materials may vary depending on the tent models you use.

Camping tent

If you are using a self-installing tent, your job is a bit easier; You can jump directly to the screw fastening step without having to deal with the tent bars and make your tent ready within 2-3 minutes. On the other hand, if you are using an A-type triangular tent, that is, if you prefer to use a manually installed tent instead of a self-opening tent, this can take a little more time. In general, the materials you need to set up a camping tent are as follows:

  • Triangle tent
  • Hammer
  • Tent stake / post (2 pieces)
  • Tent screw (4 pieces; it is useful to have more)
  • Tension rope

How to Build a Camping Tent?

Most camping tents are designed for 2 people, and campers usually prefer tents for 2 people; therefore, instructions for setting up a standard camping tent are usually given relative to tents for 2 people. However, 3-person or 4-person camping tents can also be preferred according to different needs. Let us point out that the size of the tent has not changed with the increasing size of the tent; The only difference is that when installing the tent, your material is heavier and cumbersome, so you can spend a little more effort.

Camping tent

1. We recommend that you place a tarp under the tent before you set up your camping tent, especially if you plan to set up a camping tent outside of summer. This linoleum will protect you from moisture that may occur at night and from dew that can collapse, as well as allowing you to lie on a softer floor.

1. After laying the linoleum, make sure that all of the materials listed above are at hand and complete.

2. Place the tent on the linoleum. If you do not plan to use linoleum, make sure that the floor where you will set up the tent is as smooth and sloping as possible. You can make the ground smoother by crushing grass and short bushes from the ground with your feet.

3. Put all the corners of the tent together. Then place the tent poles on the wings facing each other in the tent. To create the base frame on most tents, you need to create an X letter from the tent posts. If you keep this visual clue in a corner of your mind while setting up a camping tent, it becomes easier to pass the poles through the skeleton of the tent.

4. After passing the tent poles through the wings, gently wipe the tent. You may need to get help from your camping partner, especially when making this move; The tent is more likely to stay balanced when simulating. Do not worry; If you are on a solo camping trip, it is not a job that you cannot handle alone.

5. After passing both tent posts through the connection points, bend the posts. After doing this, you will notice that the tent has started to take the shape it should take.

6. Separate the tent corners to form a square or rectangle on the floor and lay the tent on the ground.

Camping tent

7. You will encounter holes in the end corners of the tent that are large enough to fit metal tent screws. Start tapping your tent on the ground by passing the screws through these holes. The angle between the screws and the ground should be about 45 degrees. You may need a mini hammer to do this, especially on hard or rocky floors. Popular camping tent areas mostly have a ground suitable for camping; but unfortunately it is not possible to say the same for more secluded and deserted tent camping areas. When pushing the screws, make sure that the edges of the tent are as tight as possible and the corners are as far apart as possible; but make sure you don’t create enough tension to lift the tent. Remember that if the tent screw gets too easily into the ground, it means there is a problem; because the screw can come out just as easily as it enters.

8. If there is a separate apparatus for the tension rope in your tent, you can place it and stretch it to the ground with a tent screw, which you have with you, at an angle of 45 degrees. Voila, your tent is ready after you have done the last robust checks!

Camping tent

Things to Consider When Setting Up a Tent

Of course, camping tents do not just remain established; Since you are a guest of the wild nature and your tent is your only means of protection, it should be observed and followed with care, attention and care throughout the camp. Just as nature has its own laws, it is imperative that you create your own rules when you are in nature, right?

The first thing you should do as soon as you set up your camping tent is to close all the doors and windows of the tent and keep them closed at all times. We are sure that you do not want to encounter unwanted guests with 6 or more feet when you enter the tent to sleep in time.

Camping tent
While sleeping in the camping tent, the choice between tent bed and tent mat is also very important. The tent bed is much more comfortable than the mat and keeps it warm; however, as the height is higher than the ground, it significantly reduces the area inside the tent. If you already have a narrow and small tent, you can choose to use a camping mat instead of a bed.

Note the correlation between the location of the tent and the direction of the wind before burning the campfire; Make sure that fire smoke does not blow directly into the tent. Leave a distance of at least 4 meters between the camping tent and the fire, and always put out the fire before falling asleep.

Camping tent
It is important to consider not only the night but also the next morning when setting up the camping tent. After determining where the sun will rise, try to set up your tent there by determining the area that the morning shade will hit.

Camping tent
Dry and fold the tent completely before lifting it; otherwise, moisture and raw particles on the tent may cause mold to form on the tent.

Create a list in your mind when setting up the camping tent, or better still, on a small sheet of paper. Get all the stuff you need when setting up the tent in this list. Thus, while collecting the tent, you click these materials one by one and you will not leave anything behind.

If you suspect its robustness when you insert the tent screws, it is possible to place heavy and hard rocks on the screws.

If you are planning to camp with your partner, and if one of you is tall, you are very likely not to fit in a standard tent for 2 people. In such a case, you can consider the option of buying a 3-person camping tent.

Before you go to bed at night, close all of your open food, put it in a bag and put a tight knot in the mouth of that bag. Instead of keeping the food in the tent, attach it to a high branch of a tree, as the fragrance emitted by the bag will attract wild animals in nature. In this way, you will keep the wild animals away from your tent and prevent your food from being eaten.

You can prevent the water from entering the tent by opening 5-10 cm deep water channels around the tent on the days of heavy rainfall.

You should not enter the tent with shoes, after removing your shoes, you should take them inside the tent and place them in a suitable place.

Camping tent

If you are planning to set up a camping tent for the first time, it is useful to practice setting up a tent in your home before you go to the camping area.

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