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When it comes to bodybuilding, you hear a lot of legends as you strive to achieve your dream body. There are many rumors woven around bodybuilding. At the same time, almost everyone body building There are some theories about him that he developed or heard about, and these are perfect for confusing. We wanted to prepare a short and fast-to-read guide on this controversial topic for you. Maybe after this post in your bodybuilding program you may notice that there are things you want to change. Sit back, good reading!

1. 6 Meals a Day

6 Meals

It is obvious that it is an industry that increases the pressure of bodybuilding. Like any industry, bodybuilding creates its own well-known mistakes. The information transmitted from ear to ear is suddenly legendary. Eating six meals a day is one of these myths. The advice that you need to tighten the meals you often hear is actually among the well-known mistakes regarding bodybuilding. However, this is not a scientifically proven fact. There are even some studies showing that three or four meals a day are enough for bodybuilding. Even if it can be considered a good idea for some people, if you are challenging yourself to eat six meals a day, you don’t have to force it anymore because it’s a legend.

2. Whether to Take More Than 30 Grams of Protein in a Meal

Getting Protein

Body building This is another rumor that has been on the agenda of those interested in it for a very long time. Putting more than 30 grams of protein as the absolute limit causes some things to be ignored. For example, your body has a unique digestive habit. Studies say that 30 grams of protein is actually a small amount. Amounts between 35 grams and 52 grams can give you more effective results in your bodybuilding program.

3. Does Heavy Duty Work Better?

Working hard

The motivational posters that adorn the walls at the bodybuilding centers dictate you to work harder and harder. The meaning behind these posters is that if you do not work harder, you will not achieve the desired result. The issue is completely relative. No matter how hard you work, you may be doing very light exercises for someone else. Depending on what kind of body you want to develop, goal-oriented exercises are much better than doing heavy work by devastating yourself.

4. Do You Have To Avoid Sugar?

Avoiding Sugar

No matter which diet you follow, you have heard that sugar must be excluded from this diet. Bodybuilding requires strict exercises, and it’s actually good for the body to get some sugar after exercise. If you have exercised a lot, you may want your muscles to regain some energy for themselves. Therefore, consuming light sweet foods after your exercise can be considered a good thing.

5. Do You Really Need Electrolytes Continuously?


The answer is no. We have said that bodybuilding has become an industry and creates its own legends. One of these legends is that you need to drink an electrolyte sports drink after exercise. In other words, do not heed too much about what the industry says “you must do”. After your bodybuilding exercises are finished, all you need is actually water.

6. Can’t You Lose Weight and Build Muscles?

Body building

A commonly believed legend in bodybuilding is that you can’t do both. There is a belief that you need to get more calories to develop muscle and vice versa to lose weight. It is possible to develop muscle while your calorie intake is low. You can only balance this by making sure you get enough protein. So actually, you can.

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